Erik Saxon

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Erik Saxon

P.O. Box 331

Old Chelsea Station

New York, NY  10113

Born in San Francisco.

Resides in New York City.


1964         B.A., University of California, Berkeley.

1965-6     San Francisco Art Institute

1967         M.A., University of California, Berkeley.

One Person Exhibitions:

2011     Select Works, 1973-2011, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, New York. (May-June)

2003     Paintings and Drawings,  artothek, Kolnisches Stadt Museum, Cologne / Koln, Germany.

2001     Paintings and Gouaches,  Kabinett, Galerie Krohn, Badenweiller, Germany.

1994     Drawings and Painting, With Marcia Hafif.  Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst, studio a,

                     Otterndorf, Germany.

1993    Recent Paintings, Drawings 1974-93,  Stark Gallery, New York.

1991     Paintings and Drawings, 1974-90, Modernism, San Francisco.

              Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing, Galerie L’A, Liege, Belgium.

              Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing, 1979-91.  With Alan Wayne, Newspace, Los Angeles.

1990     Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, 1973-90, Ars Nova Galerie, Goteborg, Sweden.

              White Paintings and Cross Drawings, 1966-90, Ihara Ludens Gallery, New York.

1989     Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Stark Gallery, New York. (Nov.)

              Drawings, 1974-89, Stark Gallery, New York. (April)

1987     Paintings, Raum fur Malerei, Koln, Germany.

1986     Paintings and Drawings, 1978-86, Modernism, SF.

1981     Drawings, 1973-81, Leah Levy Gallery, San Francisco.

1979     Paintings and Drawings, 1974-79, Modernism.

From upper left clockwise: “Untitled” sculpture, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY. 1993. Photo: Dick Bellamy. 

One person exhibit, artothek, Koln (Cologne), Germany. 2003. Photo: Alistair Overbruck. 

“Untitled”, steel sculpture, Galerie L’A, Liege, Belgium. 1991.

Installation:  Minus Space, May 7 - June 11, 2011.  Painting, left, 1973, right, 1975. Photo: Matt Deleget.


            artothek, Kolnisches Stadt Museum, Koln, Germany.

            Bank of America, San Francisco, CA

            Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, ME

            Harvard University Art Museums, Fogg  Art Museum, Cambridge, MA

            Goteborg Museum of Art, Goteborg, Sweden.

            Lita Hornik, New York, NY

            IBM, San Jose, CA

            Wynn Kramarsky, New York, NY

            Herbert Minkel, New York, NY

            Mondriaanhuis, Museum voor Constructieve en Concrete Kunst, Amersfoort, Netherlands.

            Rotraut Moquay-Klein and Daniel Moquay, Pardise Valley, AZ

            Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, The University of British Columbia, Vancover, B.C., Canada.

            Museo Cantonale d’Arte of Lugano, Switzerland. Donation: Guiseppe Panaza.

            Museum fur Kommunikation, Frankfurt, Germany.

            Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, Serbia.

            MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY.  Gift: Wynn Kramarsky.

            Museum of gegenstandsfreier Kunst,  studio a, Otterndorf, Germany.

            National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

            Howard Scott, Howard Scott Gallery, New York, NY

            UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

            University of Kentucky Art Museum, Lexington, KY

            University of Alaska, Museum of the North, Fairbanks, AL

            Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT

“West Coast Abstraction I”, “Selected Works From 1975 to 2007”, Modernism, San Francisco,    Spring 2008. l. to r. James Hayward, Erik Saxon, “Untitled”, 1975, Charles Arnoldi.

L., Erik Saxon, watercolor, 6”x8”, 1995, R., Entrance to Museo De Arte Contemporaneo

Estaban  Vicente, Segovia, Spain.  Exhibition of a selection of Wynn Kramarsky’s drawing collection entitled  “Nueva York,  El Papel delas ultimas vanguardias”, “New York, New Drawings, 1946-2007”.

January - May 2009.  Curators: Ana Martinez de Aguilar and Elizabeth Finch.

“Monochrome Utopia”, 532 Gallery, New York. Jan. 2009.  Curator: Li Trincere.   l. to r. Erik Saxon,         Sharon Brant, Erik Saxon.

“Untitled”, 1973, unmixed commercial grade             “Untitled”, 1969, acrylic on canvas, 60” x  64”,

Varathane paint and Rhoplex medium on                    152 x 157cm.

raw canvas, 30” x 30”, 76x76 cm.

“Untitled”, 1973, unmixed commercial grade Varathane paint and Rhoplex medium on raw canvas,

   24” x  40”, 61 x 102 cm.